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The Winner poker offers action for both experienced as well as for inexperienced players. Enjoy the latest technology our game rooms, play free poker or play and win money.
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William Hill Poker have launched their new Monthly Million Poker Tournament
William Hill Poker have launched Monthly Million Poker Tournament which starts 13 September and runs every month...
Online Poker site Titan Poker professionally resolves security flaw
Towards the end of year, a small and very limited number of complaints reached Titan Poker regarding possible...
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Winner Poker
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  THE POKER KING - Online Poker - The Most Played Card Game  
As the online poker gains popularity, so does the need to increase the awareness about it. The online poker by far, is the most rewarding and interesting game, that one can play on the internet. The advent of online poker brings to the players, all the goodness of playing poker at different locations and combined with that, is the advantage of playing it anytime and almost anywhere. There is a wide range of online poker games, which caters to beginners as well to the regulars. Hence, it would be good for the player to do a little research in terms of what is being offered by the website, before hitting the play button. With all its features and options, the online poker, is a truly exhilarating experience. One has to experience it to believe it.

The first ever online poker game was played in the 1990s and the real money winning online poker game was organized over the net in the year 1998. There are a lot of features that the online poker providers offer to the online gamers. One of such offerings is the satellite tournaments, the winners of these tournaments gain entry to the real time poker tournaments held internationally. The other aspect which lends a lot of credibility to the online poker sites is the fact that many online poker providers went public. The year 2004, saw the first online card room gaming company, go public.

If you like poker you may have come across slot machines called ‘Poker machines or ‘Pokies’. These really don’t have anything to do with poker, and are really simple slot machines from Australia. They’re more fun playing online pokies where you can play any time you want and get hug cash prizes. The chances of winning are much better too.

The online poker rooms typically make profit from the business of online poker in many ways. Firstly, the rake, each online poker site determines its own ‘rake’. The rake is a percentage of the pot and is usually capped at a certain maximum amount. Secondly, through an entry fee, charged to the players, while joining a particular tournament. Third, placing side bets or black jack on the poker hands, where the players bet against the ‘house’. Usually, for these side bets, the odds are loaded in favor of the ‘house’, hence the room makes a profit. Finally, the online poker houses benefit from the investment income from the money that player’s deposit.

There are many differences while playing poker online, than in person. The players of online poker cannot read the body language of the players playing with them. The other difference that one observes, in the online poker game, is the pace at which the game is played. Usually, it takes time to shuffle the cards, deal it to the players etc, in the real time version of the game, however, in the online version, such delays are curtailed. Hence, the online poker game offers around 80 -90 games per hour compared to 30-40 games in the real time version of the game.

The other advantage to the poker player in an online version of the game is the limited expenses which the player incurs, than the playing physically in a casino. To illustrate, the player need not pay the transportation, tipping the dealers, chip runners, etc. which one would have incurred if one was to visit the casino physically. Further, the different food and drinks that needs to be ordered in a real time casino are very costly, this cost, is definitely saved, while playing online. In terms of playing the online poker game, there is a distinct advantage, the player can play two different games at one go, which, would be impossible to do in the brick and mortar version of the game in a casino.

There are some other features, which the online poker game providers offer, like the learning programs online, to ensure faster uptake of skills by beginners at the gaming scene. Many online poker providers also allow free play practices to people, so that they have a feel of the real playing conditions and better their skills of playing poker. Such advantages, along with other offerings online, make the online poker scene, a truly user friendly.
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